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Taksu Bali literally means "Clean Aura Bali" and refers to the career of the owners, as well as the location of the individually designed guest house. Surrounded by temples, this cozy, family-run guesthouse adjoins the famous and beautiful Samuan Tiga Temple and is run by the Mudiadnya family.

Before Pk. Jero Wayan became a monk, he trained innumerable students in Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is a style of Karate developed from various martial arts. He’s been practicing karate since 1975 and is the bearer of the 1st (1st degree black belt). For more than 25 years, he’s trained local students in martial arts and taught them discipline, and stamina as well as maintaining consistency not just in their performance but life too.

In 2014, his ancestors called on him (according to the Hindu religion) and called on him to follow the way of the monk, and to practice the values of the monk , and live in the way ofas well as the function of the monk. The tasks of the monk always include peace in the community and wherever it is needed. Never ignoring moral values ​​and being the social and spiritual bridge between people inin the community.

Ni Ketut Seni is the wife of Mr. Wayan. She too is a Balinese priestess,i in 2014, she joined in and followeding the religious path as well as the moral path of her husband.

They are always surrounded and actively supported by theiryour children Gede, Ayu, Komang and Ani Mudiadnya.

Pondok taksu bali is an individual styled and designed boutique guesthouse in the heart of kuta.

The Mudiadnya family transformed their home and created a very special individual spaces to share their Balinese hospitality with the people of all nations visiting Bali. They bring a touch of their traditions and family love into this sacred space surrounded by a holy temple through which the name of the clean aura of Bali is derived for their guest house.

The design of each room is a blend of Balinese home decor and old vintage antique style.

Pondok Taksu Bali is located in the heart of Kuta, just behind the busy and famous Legian Street. The party scene, beachmile and various restaurants &and shops are locateda a maximum of 5 minutes walk away.

The beach (Kuta Beach or Pantai Kuta) is within a 10-12ten minute walk. The guesthouse offers a free beach drop-off service (via a motorbike) between the hours of 12:00 – 16:00 The fact that we offer between 12 and 16 o'clock a free beach dropoff service (with the motorbike),would place you on the beach within 5 min – 7 min. you would be within minutes on the beach.

Furthermore, Pondok Taksu Bali is conveniently ten minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Our guest house is ideal for visitors who, despite the hustle and bustle in Kuta, are looking for a little oasis of peace, or for backpackers who are passing through and want to use our small rooms to rest and recharge their batteries, for anyone and everyone new to Bali and in search of exploring it through the experience of the original Balinese people while still maintaining a healthy budget and experiencing a comfortable mini-luxury treatment through the welcoming hospitality of the Balinese people.